Gym Hall 1

  Overview of Gym Hall 1   Apparatus location in Gym Hall 1  

Gym Hall 1 is 826 sqm and has a 2 m deep open foam pit of 103 sqm.

Uneven and parallel bars, rings and horizontal bar are available in two sets, one at the floor and one above or next to the foam pit. There are two full height balance beams, an overhanging beam at the pit and a number of floor beams. Besides the pommel horse there is a trunk, a pommel board, mushrooms et cetera. For vaulting, there are both regular and foam vaulting tables to be used at the floor or to the foam pit. The tumbling floor could be used either to a landing mat or to the pit.

To see a detailed list of apparatuses and equipment, select your discipline in the left subnavigation. The hall is mainly equipped with equipment from Spieth. Other suppliers are Taishan, Janssen&Fritsen, Lindén Equipment for Gymnastics, GES, Eurotramp, American Athletic, Gymnova, HGB and Eurogym.

For questions concerning apparatuses and equipment, please contact our equipment manager.

There are specific  regulations for Gym Hall 1 that should be distributed to all coaches. The coaches are responsible for informing the gymnasts, and should pay attention the regulations are followed by the gymnasts.